In 2020 we have made barn doors a much larger part of our business due to overwhelming requests. 

Our doors are all custom made to your exact size required.

Call us to discuss your needs and we will organize a quotation. 

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Below are a few reasons to choose us

  • We have been in business since 2007. There are a lot of people making furniture from home with no qualifications and only YouTube training. We are a Pty Ltd family business.

  • We know the history of all of our timbers. Be careful as some people are pulling timbers from tips and may have been mixed with asbestos and other harmful materials.

  • If you want to add to your furniture we record every build with timber type so we can add to your collection

  • We offer custom build

  • By using our recycled timbers you are reducing the following; landfill, waste, more trees being cut down and restoring valuable timber.

Terms & Conditions

Please Note: All custom made furniture have a no refund policy as they are made to your specific requirements.

However in the case where us "the company" (us) agrees to a refund it will not be processed until the goods have been sold and all monies received from the next purchaser. A processing fee of 10% is charged for the sale of the cancelled goods.