Sanding Service


We offer a sanding service for the DIY and professional trades.

Our sander is 1300mm wide, no limit on length and can sand as high as 150 grit and as low as 40 grit.


Our rates are $150 per hour. (If you job takes less which is rare it is still the full hour rate).


Q. How long does it take to sand my item.

A. It will come down to how well it is joined. If there are ups and down it will take longer as it needs to be flattened. 


Q. Can I help you?

A. No. Our insurance does not allow others to work here


Q. Can I wait whilst it is sanded?

A. Our preference is it is left and picked up once ready.


Q. I need some advise as I think I have done something wrong.

A. We offer free advice. We help everyone we can.


Q. Do you sell glue and finishing oils and waxes.

A. Yes


Any other questions shoot us a message.